Electronic Cigarette Advertising Works

In the world of electronic cigarettes, advertising is just as important as having a good quality product.  Electronic Cigarettes are mainly marketed online so advertising their electronic cigarette products in this arena is a smart choice.

Banners are one way e cigarette brands showcase their product and try and drive sales to their ecig web stores.  Usually, these banner ads are delivering a brand message and also offering a promotion of some sort.  Consisting of free ecigarette accessories with purchase or free shipping on your next ecig order.  Companies can take many angles.

E-cigarette companies also utilize afilliate networks to get their brand message and promotions out in the web space.  This is one of the driving forces in the e-cigarette world and the main channel of sales for most of the e cigarette companies.

Electronic Cigarette Advertising Options

Finding advertising options for electronic cigarettes can be difficult because some of the traditional online advertising avenues are not available.  For example, you cannot buy traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing because they do not allow tobacco related keywords to be sold.

These search engine consider electronic cigarettes to come under the tobacco ban.  So advertisers have to look to other avenues to advertise their products.

This task is made more difficult when other popular websites and market place like Amazon, Ebay and other venues also do not allow you to sell tobacco related products.  Once again they consider e cigarettes to be a tobacco related product so you can’t sell your product there as well.

Therefore, you have to buy your traffic from electronic cigarette websites and there is not a lot to go around.

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